Global warming and climate change have come to the fore as key sustainable development issues. Many governments are taking steps to reduce GHG emissions through national policies that include the introduction of emissions trading programs, voluntary programs, carbon or energy taxes, and regulations & standards on energy efficiency and emissions. Recent financial crisis has prompted several stock exchanges, including those in emerging economies, to introduce sustainability reporting requirements for their listed companies. It is crucial for companies, in the current scheme of things, to understand and manage risks associated with not just financial but also non-financial aspects (Environmental, Social and Governance – ESG) in order to ensure long-term success in a competitive business environment and be prepared for future national or regional policies. 

Aeiforia helps companies understand how: price and availability of natural resources & energy can affect their business strategy; new laws can affect supplier relationships and ultimately the price of their goods and services; environmental regulations can affect competitiveness; and public environmental actions can affect their brand - and turn these risks into business opportunities. 

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